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Investment Plans


Min. Investment: $30

Max. Investment: $1,000

Investment Term: Lifetime

Interest on Calendar Days

Principal Included

5% Daily


Min. Investment: $1,000

Max. Investment: $5,000

Investment Term: Lifetime

Interest on Calendar Days

Principal Included

7% Daily


Min. Investment: $5,000

Max. Investment: $15,000

Investment Term: Lifetime

Interest on Calendar Days

Principal Included

10% Daily

About BitNext

"We connect coin enthusiasts to an advanced and secure investment environment. Our main goal is to make our clients become professional investors by adding value and profitability to their own investments." 
Jay Dickerson, CEO

BitNext is a financial investment company that uses technology to generate capital through cryptocurrencies. We are UK based Registered Company whose number is 12027203

Our main asset is an algorithm that does financial arbitrage with cryptocurrencies, with daily profitability. The use of algorithms reduces financial risks, increasing the efficiency of the trading sessions at the same time.

At BitNext you have the best investment strategies to get the most from your cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to end complexity and allow our clients to regain control of their financial lives.

We are fair and transparent in conduct, direct and objective in communication and treat each client as a unique person. We are in favor of hearing and valuing your opinion and deserve your trust as a client.

Try the simplest and fastest way to invest!

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Our qualified and experienced team

Jay Dickerson

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Sanders

Chief Investment Officer

Emily Ulrich

CFO & Controller

Mark Patel

Chief Technology Officer



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Profitable Investments

We offer realistic and secure investment plans with a much higher return than those offered by 
traditional financial institutions. 
Our three plans have daily profitability of 5%, 7% or 10%.


Instant Withdrawals

Regardless of the method of payment, our payments are processed instantly.


Specialized and fast support

Our experts are available through chat and email

Affiliate Program

We offer a three-level affiliate program:             
    1st level - 5%
    2nd level - 2%
    3rd level - 1%

Our affiliate program gives all our investors the opportunity to make some extra gains with our program, just inviting friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members to invest with us.

You can share your sharing of your referral link and banners via email, blogs, forums and social networks or invite in person to invest with us. Then you will earn a percentage of each deposit that each of your referrals make.


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